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Tissue Embedding and Processing Cassettes

All histology cassettes are specially made to be used either manually or in any leading cassette labeling instrument.

Tissue Processing Embedding Cassettes

Made from Acetyl Polymer, which is a special high density polymer that keeps specimens safely submerged in solution. These cassettes are totally resistant to most histological solvents and their slots offer maximum flow through for good fluid exchange and proper drainage. The lids either come attached to the cassette or are packaged separately. The lids can be opened and closed as often as necessary and they always relock securely without danger of specimen loss. Large labeling areas are located on three sides of the cassette for your convenience. Each slot measures: 1x5mm, total 128 slots per cassette.

Available in 11 different non-cytotoxic, non-metallic colors. Anterior writing area is at 45 angle to make the cassette universal.

Process Embedding Cassettes (Without Lids)

Made from Acetal copolymer Disposable plastic tissue cassettes are suitable for holding and identifying tissue samples in processing, embedding, and sectioning procedures. The cassettes fit securely in microtome chuck adapters. They are molded from a high-density polymer that is totally resistant to histological solvents. These cassettes are designed to accept standard metal lids (#70025-10) and will also fit either the standard stainless steel base molds or the disposable plastic ones. Only Clear cassettes are made of polypropylene. All other cassettes are made of Acetal Polymer.

Each case contains 3 dispenser boxes of 500 cassettes. Stainless Steel Lids order separately.

Micromesh- Single Compartment Biopsy Processing / Embedding Cassettes with Lid

Made from acetyl polymer This new version of Micromesh offers 1676 square openings (0.38 mm) allowing for a greatly improved fluid exchange without having to use the biopsy pads. Large anterior and posterior slots in both cassette and cover ensure that the Micromesh biopsy cassettes will sink rapidly (far better than cloth mesh cassettes). A large square compartment measuring 27 mm is perfect even for needle biopsies. The cover does not protrude above the cassette, a great space saving feature allowing more cassettes to be stacked in automatic labeling machines and tissue processors.

  • These patented cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid
  • Totally resistant to the most histological chemicals and solvents.
  • The Micromesh ensures efficient fluid exchange and drainage.
  • One-piece integral lid eliminates the need for separate steel lid.
  • Lid is locked securely, no danger of specimen loss.
  • Anterior writing area at a 45 angle these cassettes are ideal for automated cassettes printers.
  • Available in non-cytotoxic, non-metallic colors.

Each case contains four dispenser boxes of 250 cassettes with covers

MicroMesh- Four-Compartment Biopsy Processing/ Embedding Cassettes with Lid

This model is similar to the one above single compartment but cassettes have four square compartments each measuring 13 mm. Cover and base have about 1676 square openings maximizing fluid exchange and ensuring proper drainage. Each case contains four dispenser boxes of 250 cassettes with covers

Easy-Load Cassettes for Automated Labeling Instruments

Made from acetal copolymer This newly patented cassette, allows you to load the Micro-Writer and Shur/Mark Cassette Labeling Instruments in one simple operation. Each convenient stack contains 50 unique cassettes. No more manual insertion one-by-one. Save time and money. Two types of cassettes are offered in order to suit your needs: Slotted tissue cassettes and meshed biopsy cassettes.

The anterior printing area is a 45 angle which suits most cassette labeling instruments. Lids are available as one-piece disposable plastic. It can be opened and closed as often as necessary and it always relocks securely without danger of specimen loss. Cassettes are packaged in stacks of 50. Each case contains 2 boxes of 20 stacks.

Order cassette bases and cover separately.


Made from Acetal-Polymer. Comes complete with a one piece integral lid . It is specially designed to hold large specimens during the embedding process, as well as in a storage cabinet. Inside measurements: 29mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 11mm(D).

Disposable Deep Base Mold for Macro-Cassette

Made from PVC with excellent thermal exchange. Specially designed for the Macro-Cassette above. It has a smooth interior finish and rounded corners to facilitate its removal. Will resist temperatures from 80C to 60C. Not to be used with xylene or acetone. Measures: 37 x 24 x 10mm, and 5 ml volume.

Supamega Tissue Processing Cassettes:

  • Ideal for prostate, brain, breast tissue and eyes
  • Extremely useful for research and toxicology laboratories
  • Measures: - Inside: 64mm x 48mm x 13mm
    - Outside: 75mm x 52mm x 18mm

SupaMega Stainless Steel Base Molds

The SupaMega range of stainless steel base molds have extra deep side walls allowing wax to be decanted into the cassettes during embedding without the risk of the usual leakage of wax. The smaller faced mold also saves wax on medium sized blocks too large to fit into standard cassettes negating the use of full size molds.

Strip Disposable Base

Disposable base molds are manufactured from high impact polystyrene, offering a low cost alternative to stainless steel. These molds are available in a choice of sizes and depths. The molds have a smooth interior finish and rounded corners for ease of removal. There are five molds per strip and they are packed 100 strips to a case.

  • Wide range of sizes to suit your needs
  • Disposable no cleaning required
  • International standard sizes
  • Convenient with 5 mold per strip

Uni-Cassette System by Tissue Tek;

Sakura Finetek

Tissue-Tek Uni-Cassette System is now easier to use in every way. It is made from a solvent and decalcifying solution resistant plastic and comes with a snap-latch hinge-lock disposable lid. The cassettes have three textured writing surfaces. Biopsy/Uni-Cassette cassettes are the same Uni-Cassette but feature 1mm pores instead of slots, which eliminates the warping of most small specimens and reduce the risk of specimen loss.


  • Smooth, single action, fracture-back hinge - Fractures when being closed, then breaks easily and smoothly without rough edges for greater protection.
  • Raised Spacer nubs - Placed at the center and the corners. Helps maintain the space between the cassettes for better exchange of processing reagents.
  • Wider, thicker finger tab - Eliminates sharp edges; reduces strain on operators finger. It simplifies opening of the lid.
  • Improved front latch - Provides secure closure while making it easier to open.
  • New smooth edge, sure-locking lid - The closure guides make it easier to close the lid. Secures sample throughout entire processing cycle.
  • Oversize front writing surface - For large print and/or more information. Angled to make the cassette easier to hold and label.

Mesh Biopsy Cassette System

The perfect cassette for the smallest specimens. Tissue-Tek Mesh Biopsy Cassette System is now the easier, ideal way for processing the smallest of biopsy specimens. Using Tissue-Tek Mesh Biopsy Cassettes, you avoid reagent carryover in the tissue processor and you eliminate the structural artifacts usually caused by sponge and tea bag abrasion. They also allow direct specimen filtration into the cassette and facilitate embedding.

Additional features:

  • Large venting slots improve flow-through.
  • Mesh screen with a blue tint for safe specimen containment and easy visualization.
  • Tongue-and-groove seal surrounds entire specimen.
  • Rounded inner walls for easier removal.

Tissue-Tek II Stainless Steel Base Molds-for Uni-Cassettes and Process/Embedding Systems

These base molds are to be used with Tissue-Tek embedding cassettes and Tissue-Tek Uni-Cassette cassettes. These molds are made from polished stainless steel, offer optimal thermal conductivity, as well as easy paraffin block removal. All corners are precisely rounded for optimal paraffin ribboning.

Tissue-Tek Mega-Cassette System

Mega-Cassette cassettes have been designed to accommodate a large variety of samples, including bone, eye, teeth etc. They are made from white plastic with a snap latch, hinged-lock, disposable lid. These cassettes have three large writing surfaces and are resistant to solvent and decalcifying solutions. Measures 30mm(L)x24mm(W)x11mm(D). A stainless steel, reusable base mold is available. Measures 31mm(L)x23mm(W)x13.5mm(D)

Processing Embedding Cassettes Systems by Tissue Tek; Sakura Finetek

1. Tissue-Tek Process/Embedding Cassette

Made from chemical resistant plastic. These cassettes have an angled, texture writing surface, ensuring positive identification throughout processing, embedding, sectioning and storage. Stainless steel cover is available separately

2.Tissue-Tek Embedding Rings

Made from polystyrene and reinforced with the dual bar center support to prevent warping, these rings have a cross-hatch surface design that provide excellent paraffin bonding for clamping and sectioning.

3.Tissue-Tek Base Molds for Embedding Rings

Made from high quality stainless steel for optimal thermal conductivity, and they have a well polished surface for easy paraffin block removal. All of the corners are rounded for good paraffin ribboning. These Base Molds are for all applications in specimen embedding with Tissue-Tek Embedding Rings shown above.


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